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SXSW Tweeps


A collaboration place for all of the Twitterbuds coming to SxSW in 2009! Let us know who you are, what your twitter name is, where you're staying and how to get ahold of you. We definitely need to get a drink or two together!


PASSWORD: twitter


A HUGE thank you and to @DustyReagan & @khaynes for straightening up the SxSW wiki and making it SING! @DustyReagan, you ROCK!



PLEASE NOTE: There is an Austin Tweeps page specifically for Austin people who will be attending SxSW. Many of us are willing to act as local resources.


The Nuclear Tacos event is open to everyone, and we will have a Tweetup there. This event will be held on Monday evening from 6 - 9 pm, with live music, adult refreshments, and the HOTTEST tacos you've ever wrapped your mouth around, guaranteed!



SXSW Tweetups


SXSW conference tips and tricks for a great conference experience - put your best tips here:


  • Upload your own badge photo before you arrive
  • Search the Registrant's Directory to find other people who are attending.
  • Leave your laptop in the hotel room. Really?? Can you elaborate why? (Because you're going to be walking at least 10 miles a day) Unless you're liveblogging or really have a need for a laptop, it becomes just one more thing to lug around, and the available electrical outlets get very crowded. If you have Web access from your cell phone/PDA, it might be less hassle for you.
  • Don't forget the "side speakers" like interviews in the SX Studio in the exhibit hall, the new Core Conversations sessions and book readings/speakers in the Adobe Day Stage Cafe.
  • Use SCHED: SXSW 2009 to schedule your events. It is up and running, but check back for updates as not all sessions are up, and more parties and events are in the works.
  • Check Upcoming to keep up with the tons of evening social activities.
  • If you blog from there, be aware that the WiFi absolutely groans under the load, plus available power outlets are very popular/crowded. A good place to blog from is the BlogHaus.
  • Want to get a run in during the conference? There's a new Facebook group: SXSW Runners.
  • A fun unofficial blog for keeping up with the news is SXSW Baby! If you're looking for transport/lodging, see their Ride/Room Share Board. Their forum also has a link to the audio for the 2007 \"How to Rawk SXSW\" panel, in case you don't want to wait to attend the 2008 version in person.
  • The really important info: decent BBQ near the Convention Center. Look no further than Iron Works BBQ at 100 Red River for counter service, Stubb's BBQ on Red River for generous portions, or venture further to either Green Mesquite BBQ or Uncle Billy's Brew & Que just south of the river on Barton Springs Road.
  • You may find yourself texting a lot more during the conference; check your service plan and upgrade if needed.
  • Follow @SXSWi on Twitter!
  • There are two WiFi Networks, each on a different frequency band. One is identified by SXSW2008 and the other SXSW2008 5GHz. The SXSW2008 5 GHz network is the higher performance network with more channels and faster speeds. If a WiFi device sees the SXSW2008 5 GHz network please select it. These are the only official networks for internet access at the Austin Convention Center.
  • Why SXSWi is like visiting Walt Disney World from @SheilaS and SXSWi cheat sheet suggestions from @NicoleSimon
  • SXSWi coverage in the local indie Austin Chronicle, also a major conference sponsor.
  • March 7th and 8th is also BarCamp Austin III.
  • Local beer so you don't look unimaginative ordering the same old Bud Light: REAL local craft beer available from right here in Austin (or nearby Blanco) would be Independence Brewing, Real Ale, (512) Brewing or Live Oak Brewing Company.
  • The most creative safe ride home/after-party ever is the RVIPLounge. Follow us on twitter: @RVIPLounge--we will be driving 6pm-4am every night (and we have a full bar and karaoke on board!) If you hail us, we'll very likely pull over, pour you a drink, and let you sing us a song while we drive you home.


Here are the SXSW Twitter Folk:

@Shama- Click To Client, Looking forward to seeing you ALL! Staying at the Hilton with @InspireMeToday Feel Free to DM me.

- Looking forward to seeing you ALL! Staying at the Hilton with @InspireMeToday

@pawluxury - www.pawlux.com: eco-friendly, organic, all-natural dog products made in the USA or Fair-trade, SXSW Interactive Staying 12-18 '09 Wyndham Garden Hotel, @ or DM me, cell: 5704845889

@daveiam - David J. Neff, American Cancer Society High Plains - Social Media for Social Good. I love the ATX and am happy to grab a beer or coffee with whoever. This is my 4th SXSW.

@chrisfr - Chris Ravenscroft, almost famous for ClicDev, nexus.zteo.com, Nextbbs.com and early Zoints.com...Total SXSW virgin. Handle with care!

@jchutchins J.C. Hutchins, podcaster, novelist and Social Media Marketing Manager for Myxer.com. (SMMMM!) Interactive. Austin Airport Marriott South. Cell: 954-531-7692. Let's meet!

@mikewas - Mike Wasylik - I'll be a panelist again, this year on Web accessibility and the law.

@CenterNetworks- Allen from CenterNetworks will be there and coverage can be found on SXSW. I will be sleeping in the park outside the convention center.

@KristaNeher - I'll be at interactive staying in some sketchy hotel a few miles away. I'm a SXSW virgin and heading down there solo - would love to meet everyone! I blog at Kribaby and am VP marketing at Photrade.

@dflanegan - Dan Flanegan, CEO Brand Anywhere and a mobile marketing expert staying at the Intercontinental. Looking forward to my 1st SXSW

@OracleJulio - I'll be at the Marriott Residence Inn next to the Convention Center, March 6 - 12. Is my first SXSW; be nice to me!

@todmaffin - TodMaffin.com: CBC National Techonology Correspondent, Hyatt Regency, @ or DM me, cell: 6046182861

@adelemcalear - Embassy Suites, @ or DM me (Thanks Bulldog Solutions for the group rate!)

@colleencoplick Embassy Suites, cell: 16048376748 |

@justinkeller Justin Keller, Marketing/Communications ChaCha.com. In a condo and will be there for the entire festival. Looking forward to meeting!

@jchenard Jesse Chenard, CTO, Tremor Media, Staying at the Hyatt.

@DeeLinden Dee Linden, Second Life Concierge

@LPT Laura (Pevehouse) Thomas, on Austin Tweeps

@cian Cian O'Donovan, Setanta Sports, hotel to be sorted, Interactive & Music

@driveafastercar Tessa Horehled - Music; Marketing/Community SuperDeluxe.com + Blogger (Drive A Faster Car)

@jowyang Jeremiah Owyang is staying at some hotel not downtown because he didn't plan in time

@davidburn David Burn rented a house in South Austin - DM me

@superphly DowntownCartel.com

@alexdesigns - Hilton - Interactive & Music - DM me

@andrewhyde Interactive, 2nd SX looking forward to it!

@corbett3000 - Interactive, Hilton Downtown Austin. ceo of iStrategyLabs

@heyitsRachel First time at SXSW, and really excited!!! Visit me @ http://heyitsRachel.com! I'd love to chat :)

@khaynes - HR Manager at Bulldog Solutions. First time to SXSW and can not wait to meet my twitter buds! Give me a shout if I can help you with your trip here or anytime while you're here.

@DustyReagan - Hells yeah I'll be at SXSWi + I live in Austin.

@SueRostvold - First timer! During SXSW Interactive we'll be giving free canoe rides on Lady Bird Lake. Join us in our kevlar canoe. Follow me on twitter for details! Social Media Therapist

@kopiwoda Social media training through Social Media Hound. Will be giving away record album clocks from Time To Rock Clocks during SXSW. Follow me on Twitter for details.

@setjared Interactive, Jared Goralnick, AwayFind.com - staying at Hilton Garden Inn with @emilyofthestate and @thorpus


@pistachio Laura Fitton, Pistachio Consulting Inc. Boston-area communications chiquita. @ or dm me

@jeffb - Jeff Beckham, AT&T, live in Austin; jbeckham@gmail.com

@thomsinger ...... I live in Austin thom@thomsinger.com

@davidparmet staying at the Courtyard Downtown

@tamar - Tamar Weinberg - will be staying at the Hilton Austin

@marc1919 - Marc Nathan Houston Technology Center I have no idea where I'm staying yet. Hampton Inn

@nickhuhn - Nick Huhn, Yum! Brands; Courtyard

@verop - Vero Pepperrell, thatcanadiangirl.co.uk blogger, Taptu.com community relations officer. At SXSW for Interactive (staying at Courtyard) and Music (staying at Hyatt Regency)

@cschultz - Chris Schultz at Voodoo Ventures Staying at Austin Motel.

@seanbonner staying at some place with @t and @arielwaldman

@maggiefox staying at the Hilton Garden Inn with my SMG peeps

@baldman - Alex Jones (not the conspiracy theorist), Another local! The Refresh Austin crew who will have a good sized contingent of Austinites. @ or dm me!

@zsazsa Kit Seeborg from Denver kit@seeborg.com Interactive Panel Liaison and 5th SXSW. I'll be staying at Hampton Inn.

@boboroshi - John Athayde (Hyphenated People | Meticulous Doing a quasi-panel/conversation thing with @amyhoy. Staying at the Intercontinental Steven F. Austin with @dotsara for at least Interactive and film. Waiting to hear on music showcase op.

@omarg Omar L. Gallaga, covering for the Austin American-Statesman and Digital Savant blog. Working on stories now for it so send any info my way if you like.

@vargasl  Lauren Vargas, PR Blogger, coming from Dallas. March 9 ONLY -- will be at SMC event in evening. 8177147516 cell

@billgiltner Bill Giltner, live in Austin. Bill.giltner at gmail.com

@nathantwright - Social media consultant, representing the 515 and Lava Row, nathan@lavarow.com, 5155540502

@taxtweet -- like @khaynes and @thomsinger and SheilaS, an Austinite! freelance writer and blogger, specializing in financial matters|

@chrisbrogan -- I'd love to meet you while I'm there. 9788851551

@louderthan10 - Travis Gertz (http://louderthan10.com) rockin' it at the Hilton Garden with my bud @1randompixel. SXSW noob... ready to party and be social.

@SheilaS - Sheila Scarborough, freelance writer and blogger. I specialize in travel, NHRA drag racing and social media. Live locally in Round Rock. @ or DM me on Twitter, or I'm sheila@sheilascarborough.com. See you there!

@willotoons - willo o'brien :: willotoons :: illustrator/designer/geek/rocker :: staying @ courtyard marriott for both interactive & music! wooo!

@trishussey - Tris Hussey b5media. I think a lot of b5ers will be there an I think we've got some place booked for all of us.

@kanter Beth Kanter ... still sorting out where I'm staying possibly Marriott.

@tyfn Phillip Jeffrey, SXSW n00b, Vancouver Social Media grad student staying at Hilton Austin - interactive. tyfn@fadetoplay.com or DM me.

@retrocactus John Biehler - third time @sxsw staying at the Hilton Garden Inn

@jonnygoldstein - Interactive. Host and exec producer of Jonny's Par-tay-the live interactive talk show. Still working out lodging

@scottstead - Interactive, Technical Producer of Jonny's Par-tay. Still working out lodging as well. scott.stead@gmail.com if you want to sponsor us and can put us up for the conference.

@KatherineD - Webmistress, LinuxJournal.com. Pretty sure we're at the Residence Inn.

@gdruckman - Geri (Gary) Druckman - Interactive and Film, DM me! Pretty sure we're at the Residence Inn.

@silona - you can DM and I'm an Austin Native

@snax - Debbie Cerda. Live in Austin, SXSWi Panel Liaison and Event Coordinator for Nuclear Tacos party. Will update Snax by Southwest blog soon!

@aruni - Aruni Gunasegaram. Live in Austin. Founder of Babble Soft and author of entrepreMusings blog.

@BeckyMcCray - Small Biz Survival. Liquor store owner, cattle rancher. First SXSW. More people at SXSW than live in my hometown! Staying with new friends. My ancient cell phone doesn't do Twitter, so Txt or call me at 5804306173 [I hear @LizStrauss will be at SXSW, too! ]

@karasoluri - Austin resident & social media groupie

@hametner - Conrad Hametner, live in downtown Austin about 3 blocks from the Convention Center, also find me at the Qipit Blog - Looking forward to the big event!


@jmspool - Jared Spool (User Interface Engineering, http://www.uie.com/brainsparks ) My first SxSW.

@MikeChapman I live in and love Austin

@acarvin Andy Carvin, NPR. Loved sxsw last year and really looking forward to 2008. Not sure where I'm staying yet.

@Earwood - Todd Earwood :: Todd Earwood.com :: Staying at Radisson :: Web video guy and Producer of DailyIdea and PopCrunch shows. My 2nd SXSW and I'm excited to come back!

@NikkiKey - Nikki Key :: Host of web show Daily Idea :: Staying at Radisson :: It's my first SXSW!

@Adri - Adrienne Haik - Virtual worlds developer, Metaversatility. Can't wait to live twitter SxSWi again!

@rorris - Rich Orris, Strange Bird Labs, Web Developer

@jenathan - Jen Nathan, Independent Radio Producer

@stevegarfield - Steve Garfield, Mobile Video Journalist and Emerging Auteur Filmmaker :: This year it's the Chuck and Steve Show LIVE!

@annierocks - Annie Heckenberger, Social Media Director, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp, haven't booked hotel yet, DM's hit my mobile. Keep me in the loop!

@LisaSabin Book reading for WordPress For Dummies on 3/11 - staying at 4 Seasons. Arriving 3/7-11

@joec0914 Independent developer, vlogger, social media enthusiast Joe's Video, Etc.

@melissaking - Melissa King : Yum! Brands : Radisson Town Lake

@alexdc - Alex de Carvalho, StartPR.com, alexdc.org, BarCampMiami

@SeanAmmirati - second time at SXSW still figuring out hotel

@digitallatina - Web Designer / Illustrator / Geek Girl. digitallatina.net 1st time at SXSW. DM me & see all of you there!

@aprilini - IODA music, marketing and tech enthusiast, staying at the Courtyard Marriott!

@PatrickRuffini - new media consultant/blogger. second time at sxsw. still figuring out where to stay.

@organ_printer - Matthew Wettergreen, Caroline Collective

@msg - Michael Galpert, C2O, A.viary.com myblog, mytumblr : not sure where im staying. went last year had lots of fun

@davedelaney - Dave Delaney, New Media Specialist, Emma Email Marketing. Blogging at www.davemadethat.com, podcasting at Two Boobs and a Baby + and The Nothing Show

@netZoo - Andy Sternberg, first SX since '04 -- LAist News Editor + Warner/Chappell web guy + netZoo. Staying at Omni downtown.

@sheuerma - Scott Heuerman, Musictoday

@korf420 - Andrew Korf - Experience Designer/Director - Minneapolis - with my man Jenaro (www.djnr.net) - I want to stay at the San Jose... need some luck to pull it off.

@jjtoothman - J.J. Toothman - Web Technogist @ Stanford - 1st time at SXSWi, staying at the Hilton Garden Inn

@ttrentham - Metroblogging Austin - Contact info at Austin Tweeps. Attending Monday 3/10 of SXSWi plus parties/mischief. Band is playing SXSW Music on Wed. 3/12 at 8pm at Red Eyed Fly

@SamLawrence - Sam Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer; Jive Software

@jquig99 - Jane Quigley, Relationship Director at crayon, blogging at JaneQuigley.com, will be rooming with @tamar at the Hilton Austin

@Sooz - This will be my 8th year at SXSWi. Ryan Gantz and I are bringing back Interactive Playpen

@planspark -- Founder @intellitics (blog), organizer @edemocracycamp (wiki). And here's my personal blog.

@misterboh -- David Beaudouin, DB+C - staying with friends in NW Austin - email me @ david.beaudouin@gmail.com or DM!

@cc_chapman - C.C. Chapman: Co-Founder & Partner, The Advance Guard as well as Managing the Gray and Accident Hash

@ewanspence - Ewan Spence, Blogs at www.ewanspence.com; VP at The Podcast Network; Editor at All About Symbian, various freelance writing and reporting gigs as well. Will be doing a daily podcast from SXSW at TPN and SXSWBaby.

@grobertson Grant Robertson, Lead Blogger at Weblogs, Inc's downloadsquad.com, and co-host of The Squadcast. Staying at Courtyard, downtown.

@scottmonty Scott Monty, from The Social Media Marketing Blog and crayon. Staying at Hyatt Regency

@ronin691 - Daytime: Use the hash tag ( http://hashtags.org ) to give out the conference room you are in, or are looking for. Night time: send me updates of what's going on where you are to me directly ( @ronin691 the beer is free here... )

@lalunablanca - - Dave Barger staying at a B&B - Interactive / Social Media track

@FreshBooks - Mike McDerment / Sunir Shah / Saul Colt - Speaking on Two panels and looking to make new friends! (sounds creepy but it isn't)

@saulcolt - Smartest Man in the World and Marketing Genius

@atxryan - Ryan Joy - Local Austinite who lives and breathes downtown. Feel free to contact me about anything.

@refreshaustin - Refresh Austin - Twitter account for local Refresh group.

@michaelcummings - The Creative Space - Dont have a place to stay yet, so if anyone wants a photographer in your travel pack let me know.

@marianne_m - Marianne Masculino www.mariannemasculino.com

@davidherrold David Herrold Houston Chronicle web monkey

@Chadrick Chadrick Baker - Business and Program Development for Metaversatility.

@trevinorama – Marla Trevino – not sure where I am staying, first time to SXSW :)

@sevatt - Steven Evatt - Houston Chronicle

@chrispitre - Chris Pitre. Marketing Associate for Whiteboard Labs. staying @ Doubletree. email me at chris at whiteboardlabs dot com.

@aaronstrout - Aaron Strout, CMO Powered. http://blog.stroutmeister.com - best place to find me is on Twitter (cell - 617.957.4254)

@ericskiff - Eric Skiff, Developer and Community Evangelist for Clipmarks.com. Can't wait for SXSWi and BarCampAustin!

@NicoleSimon - blogs at cruel to be kind, newbie to the event, currently Holiday Inn Town Lake

@hjstrout - Heather Strout, Community Consultant, Mzinga, living in Austin. Find me on We Are Smarter Than Me

@jstorerj - Jim Storer, Director Community Strategy, Mzinga... blog on wearesmarter.org - first time to SXSW! Staying at the Courtyard - Downtown.

@jeckman - John Eckman, Sr. Director, Optaros Labs, Optaros. Blog on OpenParenthesis, Goatless, see also JohnEckman.com. Checking in on Optaros Austin.

@chrisbergman Editor,PAUSE Magazine. staying with generous, lovely people. Missing out on SXSWi. Only doing the music and film. Dang old school journalism.



@andykaufman - MyEasBayAgent Agent Genius RE barcamp - SXSW Virgin, can't wait! |

@RochelleGrayson - Rochelle Grayson, Co-Founder, twemes.com (twitter memes) and Chief Operating Officer, Donat Group, staying at the Radisson.

@ShashiB - Shashi Bellamkonda, Social Media Swami, Network Solutions www.networksolutions.com and Blogger, My Tech & Happenings Blog, Shashi's Digital Thoughts, staying with family - call me 2404219223

@Edubya - long time geek, first time sxsw-er - Runs community for a ginormous social news site that is not Digg.

@adora - Lisa Brewster. Planner for BarCamp San Diego, systems engineer, photographer, SXSW virgin. Don't know where I'm staying just yet. http://www.sophistechate.com

@baratunde - Baratunde Thurston. Web Editor for The Onion. Standup Comic. Blogger for Jack & Jill Politics. Volunteer for BarackObama. Host of Fray Cafe 8 sunday night at the Red Eyed Fly. Sleepless.

@JakeKerber - Jake Kerber, creator of Film Triangle (www.FilmTriangle.com), a site for film makers to self-distribute and network. staying at Candlewood South. attending Film (still considering interactive)

@leorazellman - Celebrities/Entertainment blogger. At SXSWi and will be hanging out at the Utterz.com booth #608.

@cesart - "Young graphic communicator" and Austin-pro. Live here and love it and willing to show you where to go and what to see. http://ceezer.org

@jbruin - Jennifer Van Grove is a total newbie to SXSWi and lagged on her hotel reservation, so she's staying 5 mi away :(.

@PurpleRose - Vancouver Wedding Photographer Purple Rose Photography

@teiwaz - Camron Assadi, Deputy Internet Director, Mercy Corps. Staying at Doubletree.

@johntunger - John T Unger of Typepad Hacks and johntunger.com. I'll be staying with friends in New Braunfels, but I'll be around all day (and late nights) for SXSWi.

@glenda - Glenda Bautista, blogger, technologist, media maker, all-around rocker. 4th time at SxSW, 2nd time on a panel telling the n00bs how to tear this motherhumper down. I'll be gentle, I swear.

@chrishanaka - Chris Hanaka, Media Guru, Utterz. Staying at the Hyatt, 4th consecutive SXSW, moblogging here.

@conej - Cone Johnson, fine dining partner, from Dallas (I *do believe* we're staying here: Austin Motel)

@quepol - Hillary Hartley, founder @3to5, and egov stuff with NIC Inc.

@drnino - Nino Cavenecia, Dir. Customer Relations @ IMVU, inc., La Quinta I think, DM me

@qthrul - Jay Cuthrell is a veteran (second timer) to SxSW, blogs infrequently at fudge.org, and will be at the Courtyard by Marriott downtown Austin

@film_girl - Christina Warren, Atlanta, GA. Going with Download Squad as co-host of our Squadcast video show. Personal blog is christinawarren.com

@lauratex - Laura Carbonneau, recently of Georgetown U.; relocated to Austin, my hometown. Third SXSWi but first music festival was 1991.

@peterkirn - Peter Kirn from NYC, Create Digital Music, Create Digital Motion, rocking the Wyndam Garden. Say hi...

@noor - Noor Ali-Hasan, user researcher at Microsoft, staying at the Hilton Austin, first SXSW :), DM me

@music4 - Peter Kim music research for guitartech International

@sass - Jeff Sass, VP Biz Dev for Myxer and proprietor of the INVITATIONS Social Networking Rehab Facility at SocialNetworkingRehab.com. Also write Sassholes! blog. DM me if you suffer from Twitter addiction! ;-)

@bmenell - Bryan Menell, editor at AustinStartup. I've got a press pass and I'm not afraid to use it. Also organizing Austin Tech Happy Hour Monday night at The Marq.

@simedia - Simeon Margolis, Maestro, Utterz. Moblogging here. Also, in booth 608 and hosting a panel with @chrisbrogan, @jowyang, @chrisheuer and @leorazellman on sunday at 3:30PM where you'll get to moblog with the best!

@tori - Austinite and Interaction Designer. DM me if you, too, are user-experience obsessed.

@microcinema - Patrick Kwiatkowski, Founder/CEO of Microcinema International, Moderator for ABC's of DVDs

@penguin - Jeremy Tanner -- jeremytanner.com, Will be having a snack-size (Sat-Mon) SxSW this year.

@Gorileo - Rogelio Umaña, San José, Costa Rica. Creative/Planner Crea Publicidad Central America. SXSW Noob! (Rodeway Inn) e-mail/blog

@hdunce - Heather Lipner, works@ www.fluidesign.com. Will be well dressed.

@jarrodtrainque - I do internet marketing for a Boston biotech. http://trainque.com

@SeagateTech - Seagate Technology, the world leader in storage solutions. http://www.seagate.com

@obiwankimberly - Kimberly Blessing, Sr. WebDev Manager @ CIM, 6th SXSWi, panelist.

@zachware - Zach Ware, Newly-installed Digital Manager for The Republic of Tea. User-experience obsessed.

@cyndilou - Texas native, Austin local for the past 17 years and I'd be happy to show tweeps the town. :D

@hanswatson - Austin local working photography at interactive, film and music. Would love to get tips on which bands or speakers are the most visual.

@RVIPLounge - A giant RV with a fully-stocked karaoke bar on board. Driving from hotels to parties (and back) every night, 6pm-4am. Also the best little after-party on wheels!

@katchooo - aka Fiona Cullinan, part of the Birmingham UK crew, web ed for business clients, also filing stories for UK press.

@snackfight - reporter for Wired.com, filing stories and hitting the parties with our photographer. say hi! (unless you're a flack)

@moon - paul mooney blogger and videographer neuronspark

@WayneSutton - 1st time at sxsw, looking forward to it.

@oliverlindberg - Associate editor for .net magazine/Practical Web Design (@netmag). I'm there with Paul Douglas (@pauldouglas), editor of @techradar). It's our first time at SXSW Interactive, drop us a line and say hi when you see us!

@xentek - I build web sites, organize BarCamps, Cowork with amazing people and make music. Track me down, buy me a drink and let's talk nerdy to each other.

@corycollier - I too build websites, speak publicly, and love music

@sheatsb - Brandon Sheats, Atlanta web designer/developer. Managing director, bluetub, editor @ Georgia Forensics Daily.

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